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Smart Meters – Forced Exposure to Strong Bursts of Wireless Radiofrequency Radiation

  • If you don’t want a smart meter installed, tell them so!
  • Be as specific as you like about your reasons:
  • You don’t want forced exposure to any new sources of radiofrequency radiation
  • You don’t want potential fire hazards
  • You don’t want potential interference with other wireless devices, including medical equipment
  • You don’t want the privacy/security risks

Central Maine Power:
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Portland Press Herald
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Some key facts:

  • Smart meters are radiation-emitting devices that have never been tested for health or safety.
  • Smart meters are part of a mesh network — a web of signals. Each home’s meter transmits back and forth, to and from all other meters in the area, exposing us to radiofrequency waves while compiling data; the data gets transmitted to repeaters and extenders and base stations, all of which emit radiofrequency radiation that is currently under international investigation as a possible carcinogen.
  • No agency has mandated these meters be wireless. Safer technology exists (and is in use elsewhere) to hard-wire the meters, thereby eliminating health, safety and security risks.
  • The President’s Cancer Panel last year identified wireless radiation as a possible carcinogen. The panel urged more research and, in the meantime, urged people to limit their wireless exposure. CMP’s forced installation makes that impossible.
  • FCC standards only cover acute exposure, protecting from death by electrocution. These standards were set in 1985 for microwave ovens. There are no safety standards for non-thermal (non-heating of tissue) health effects — and it’s the non-thermal health effects we’re concerned about with the smart meter networks.
  • People have reported everything from dizziness to nausea to heart palpitations to insomnia in areas where smart meters and related wireless equipment have been installed.
  • Hundreds of studies link wireless radiofrequency radiation to a host of health issues including DNA breaks, memory loss and various forms of cancer.
  • Other states and municipalities have rejected or halted smart meter installation due not only to health concerns, but also to problems with overbilling, privacy/security, electronic interference and electrical fires.
  • Other states offer, or are considering offering, opt-out waivers for people who choose not to expose their families to these layered bursts of radiation. CMP is offering us no choice at this point.

17 Responses

  1. Thank you for this site. CMP came to my door this week and I told them I did not want the smart meter installed. Keep up the good work.

  2. My letter to the PUC fell on deaf ears! After reading the article in the newspaper this morning regarding PUC allowing CMP to charge those that choose to opt out of the “smart meters” I feel totally disregarded!

    I can not help the fact that I have thyroid disease, fibromyalgia and severe allergies and the “smart meters” make me have severe nausea.

    It took me 4 months to figure out it was the “smart meters” down in my basement that were making me sick. After having them removed, within an hour my nausea went away.

    I wrote to the PUC to tell them that CMP is not telling the truth about their request to charge for opting out because they will have to have send someone to read the meters. I have lived in my 2 family house for 40 years and I have read the meters myself all those years. CMP is required by law to come into the homes once a years and they did by appointment.

    To charge me $40.00 to opt out and an extra $12.00 per month is robbery. I refuse to pay it!!! In fact, I should send them a bill for $5760.00, all the money I saved them!!!

    I am trying to get ready for retirement in a few years and this charge is not something that I need to figure into my monthly bills. I feel they are raping the public and those that the meters cause to be sick.

    Gee….the next thing you know restaurants will be charging me more because I am gluten free, not by choice or places of business will charge me for using the elevator because I have fibromyagia and cannot walk up a flight of stairs without pain; hospitals will charge more because I am highly allergic to latex and they have to do more to protect me.

    I thought that my home was my safe haven…a place that I can make suitable for my life and my needs not CMP’s.

  3. I came home and found a new meter installed on the side of my house – Called CMP to get it off again. Call Sarah Burns CMP President – (207) 623-3521 – help us all make her stop this nonsense.

    • Did CMP adhere to your request to have it replaced with the old analog meter? Ours must have been installed a week and a half ago because since then Ive been having so many new, chronic symptoms that are listed under EMF sensitivity….and I want my old one back! We got an opt out form, but because of the cost, I thought I’d take my chances…I would pay double to have a replacement and these symptoms gone..but dont tell them that.

  4. Hi,

    Thanks for your wonderful work and helpful website! When and how will CMP be contacting folks for opt-out options? My Smart-meter was installed last week (only the babysitter was home — drat!) and now I’m wondering how I make sure the thing doesn’t get hooked-up to the grid. (I live in Saco.) I found the CMP website incredibly unhelpful and found nothing about opting-out. I sent them an email inquiring how I can make sure my Smart meter will not get hooked up but have not heard back from them yet. AND, I guess I’m also wondering if it’s too late to get my old mechanical meter back since I was not home when they came to install the Smart Meter. Talk about bad timing! Any insight you can give to my two questions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so very much!

    I feel so passionate about this topic and am amazed at how most people I know don’t really seem to care or to question it. Thanks again.

  5. How do we let them know we want to opt out AHEAD of time? I mean, why wait? We could probably get most of our towns to opt out before they even think of going any further with the installations. There are many voices that have not been asked yet in smaller towns. We need to publish or gather signatures to add to the 8,000 other “opt outs”. How do we do this?

  6. They also don’t tell you how they are putting meter readers out of a job. Everyone assumes they will place them elswhere in the company. This is not true. CMP is using federal stimulus money, money that is supposed to create jobs, to put people out of work.

  7. Is there someone who is qualified with appropiate credentials who could compose a letter we could use to send to our local Letter to the Editor?

    Please advise ASAP!



  8. We live in Kittery Me and have just received the notice from CMP about the Smart Meters to be installed. There is an Opt Out option (thanks to you, I believe) Though I am irritated at being forced into this and for having to pay extra just to opt out of it, I am considering doing so. They give us two other choices..(A) the Modified Smart Meter, and (B) the Electro-mechanical meter (“like the meter you have today”) The cost difference between the two is nominal, so that’s not really an issue (other than having to pay it in the first place) Rather, I’m hoping you could offer any info as to which of those options would be best way to go…A or B?

  9. Hi, I live in Central Florida. I have had a smart meter installed in Summer 2009. In August of 2010 I started feeling very intense painful bursts of energy, making my limbs hurt, my eyes hurt, jabs of pain. I thought it was Cell Towers at first, but they are miles away. Finally I discovered what it was, the dumb smart meter! Why is this TORTURE legal, just so someone consolidates power over our lives/makes more money? It’s INSANE! What federal laws are relevant, I don’t think citizens have much power in Florida compared with corporate interests. In fact, (former) Gov. Charlie Crist tried to institute a Electromagnetic Sensitivity Awareness Month in May 2009, it was revoked before it ever happened! Florida is a Fascist’s wonderland!

  10. There is no question that I will choose the opt out option. I live a distance from any neighbor so it is worth my while to to do so. For many in the city or towns with neighbors close, there is probably not much advantage in opting out. Would that be true?

    I am concerned about the many low income people whose budget is fixed ( the elderly and disabled) who will have to cut food, etc. to be safe from the EMF emitted from the smart meter. My understanding is that there is a fund somewhere that will pay half of this cost. Can anyone give me information on this fund?

  11. Questions re: the whole smart meter network-
    Is there more information on where within the network the repeaters and extenders that the individual smart meters transmit to tare located? how can one tell if a home is near one of these transmit/data compiling points? same question re: base stations? also, can you please post any additional info available re: the whole network and transmission of these signals?

    Also, other than the Stetzer devices, are there any other relatively afforable ways to offset unwanted exposure to these frequencies?

    We are in Brunswick and opted out of smart meter installation even though we’re in a dense neighborhood and are being exposed to these frequencies from all other smart meters around us and the whole network.

  12. We decided to opt out of the ‘smart meter’ program. We were charged the $40 fee last month and paid it . This month we have a $12 fee added to our bill for a “non-standard meter”. None of our neighbors have gotten new meters yet, so why should be have to pay extra now? We are not an ‘inconvenience’ to CMP until they have to send a special truck out to read our meter…. it’s not right!
    I have called CMP to complain about this fee and am now waiting for a return call.

  13. Finally I have found a site that can help with this matter…or at least provide support! It’s been almost two weeks since I noticed symptoms of headaches, bursts of pain throughout my body, brain fog, sleeplessness, agitation and bouts of crying/hoplessness…all not least not all within the same week anyway. Last Sunday, with the snow storm I was outside playing with my son and noticed the new meter. It clicked imediately. I think that when Im away from my home, I may actually have withdrawal symptoms…and when I am home, I get the constant “fix”.

    I chose not to opt out when we recieved the notice due to the cost and thought I would take my chances. Regret that 100%, but I had no idea I would feel like an aging 90 year old at 30…and I eat healthfully, use organic body products, exercise…but I just feel like all that doesnt matter if Im going to feel horrible.

    Some people just arent sensitive, but those who are feel like they are dying a slow..okay..maybe rapid, death. It is us, who play the part of a “canary in the coal mine”. These things are bad. I read on a blog earlier that someone made the statement/assumption that these smart meters will make asbestos look like peaches and cream….and lead paint.. who knew right? I plan to call and ask for mine replaced tomorrow.

    California, who I believe may have been one of the first states to begin the turn over about a year and a half ago, is now noticing big health problems and is acting out against the meters. See link below…and it’s recently written..

  14. I want to have mine take off after I decided not to opt out when we were sent the card. I had no idea that I would be living a health nightmare in my own home. Has anyone had any luck having theres taken off by CMP and replaced with the old analog meter? Any tips?

  15. What happens if I live in a 2 unit duplex with both meters on my neighbors side and then my neighbor wants the smart meters removed?

    Will I also have to pay the extra fees even though I did not ask to opt out???

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