What CMP Isn’t Telling You About Wireless Smart Meters

Developed by the Smart Meter Safety Coalition
in consultation with engineer Mikel Miller, Ph.D.

CMP and its “independent experts” claim that the human body emits more radiofrequency (RF) than a wireless smart meter does. The truth is, the human body does not emit any RF. None. RF covers a high-frequency band used for radio communications. Humans are not radio transmitters.

The natural, low-frequency field emitted by humans is vastly different than the manmade, high-frequency field that compose RF. Smart meters and associated equipment operate at frequencies of 2.4GHz and 5.8GHz, which fall into the radiofrequency (RF) range.

The human field (~7Hz) comes nowhere near that range. This is a misleading statement put out by CMP to minimize and downplay legitimate health concerns. Incidentally, CMP’s “independent experts” are from Exponent, the science-for-hire firm that has represented the tobacco and asbestos industries in cancer cases. A simple Google search for “Exponent” and “hired gun” will tell you all you need to know.

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Calif. Public Utilities Commission Orders Smart Meter Opt-Outs

As opt-out settlement talks continue here in Maine, there is breaking news from our colleagues on the West Coast. CPUC President Michael Peevey stated that he is ordering PG&E to create an opt-out program within two weeks for customers concerned about health impacts from the wireless meters.

Click here to read news coverage of this latest development.

Transmitting Smart Meters Pose A Serious Threat To Public Health (ElectricalPollution.com)

The website Electrical Pollution highlights the concerns surrounding exposure to microwave and radiowave radiation from smart meters:

The transmitting meters do comply with Federal Communications Commission (FCC) “safety” standards. However, those standards were initially designed to protect an average male from tissue heating (cooking) during a brief exposure. These standards were not designed to protect a diverse population from the non-thermal effects of continuous exposure to microwave and radiowave radiation. Therefore, these “safety” standards were not designed to protect the public from health problems under the circumstances which the meters are being used. The transmitting meters most often being used transmit continuously, every few seconds. This is picked up by a receiver and logged by the utility. You are exposed to the transmissions from all the meters within transmitting range. The meters often have a range of over 2 miles. Thus, the exposure is continuous and the “safety” standards the meters comply with are irrelevant to the situation. Please read this letter from the Radiation Protection Division of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regarding the limitations of the FCC standards.

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WCSH: Outcry over Installation of Smart Meters Growing Louder

Cape Elizabeth has become the second Maine town to pass a resolution calling for CMP to halt installation of smart meters while more information can be gathered.

“It was brought up to us by a few citizens who were very concerned about the health issues,” says Cape Elizabeth town councilor Sara Lennon in a segment that aired Nov. 16 on WCSH. “The resolution we passed was simply asking CMP to please pause before they continue putting meters in our community so they could listen to some of the people and their concerns.”

Elisa Boxer-Cook, who was also interviewed for the piece, says it should be up to CMP’s customers to decide if they want smart meters installed on their homes.

“I don’t believe that you should force someone to be exposed to radio frequency radiation that is currently under global investigation as a possible carcinogen and that a lot of people have sensitivities to in the short-term.”

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Local Doctors Voice Strong Health Concerns about Smart Meters

“There is definitely cause for concern”
— Dr. Magili Chapman Quinn

“I believe it is crucial to err on the side of caution”
Dr. Karen Emery

Citing the lack of studies on smart meters and international debate over health effects of wireless radiation, several Maine physicians are calling for an immediate moratorium on installation of any new smart meter equipment. They are also advocating for their patients’ right to choose whether to expose their families to the radiofrequency radiation emitted by smart meters.

While a report issued by Dr. Dora Mills of the Maine Centers for Disease Control cites inconclusive science as justification for installing smart meters, many concerned local doctors feel that is reason to halt installation.

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