‘Maine Public Advocate: CMP Bullies Customers into Installing Smart Meters’ (The Forecaster)

From the March 15, 2011, edition of The Forecaster:

The Office of the Public Advocate has filed a letter with the Maine Public Utilities Commission alleging that Central Maine Power Co. is “bullying and intimidating” its customers to install controversial “smart” electric meters on their homes.

Read the Forecaster article.

Has an installer tried to bully/intimidate/pressure
YOU into accepting a smart meter?

Have you received a CMP letter threatening “action” on your account?

Report it to the Public Utilities Commission, 18 State House Station, Augusta, ME 04333-0018, or fax 207.287.1039, with email CCs to the PUC’s Consumer Assistance Division, Derek.D.Davidson@maine.gov, the Public Advocate, Richard.Davies@maine.gov, and the Smart Meter Safety Coalition, eboxer@maine.rr.com.


Calif. Public Utilities Commission Orders Smart Meter Opt-Outs

As opt-out settlement talks continue here in Maine, there is breaking news from our colleagues on the West Coast. CPUC President Michael Peevey stated that he is ordering PG&E to create an opt-out program within two weeks for customers concerned about health impacts from the wireless meters.

Click here to read news coverage of this latest development.

Calif. County Bans Smart Meters, Files Injunction to Keep PG&E from Installing

Lake County, California, has passed a moratorium on the installation of smart meters.

An excerpt from Lake County News:

Before an audience of concerned citizens, the Board of Supervisors on Tuesday voted unanimously to take a three-pronged approach to challenging Pacific Gas & Electric’s installation of SmartMeters in the county.

The three prongs include approving a letter to be sent to legislators, the governor and a variety of organizations that lobby for local governments in favor of AB 37, which requires the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) determine SmartMeter alternatives by January 2012 for customers who want to opt out.

The board also passed an urgency ordinance instituting a moratorium on the installations locally, which PG&E officials said began in late February. County Counsel Anita Grant said the moratorium she drafted was “substantially the same” as ordinances approved in Santa Cruz and Marin counties.

But perhaps the sharpest prong of all was the board’s direction to county staff to move forward with legal action to seek an injunction against PG&E to give AB 37 time to get through the Legislature.

Read the article in its entirety.

Forecaster: Gov. LePage, Legislators Back Smart Meter Opt-Outs

Gov. Paul LePage supports offering opt-outs to Central Maine Power Co. customers who do not want “smart” electric meters installed on their homes, reports The Forecaster, in a March 1 article.

In addition, Rep. Heather Sirocki (R-Scarborough) has submitted a bill that would require CMP to offer customers an alternative to the wireless meters.

Read the Forecaster article.

Prominent M.D. Links Patient’s Hospitalization to Smart Meter Installation, Urges Opt-Outs

CMP continues to dismiss health concerns, so growing numbers of doctors are asking the Public Utilities Commission to intervene and protect their patients from forced wireless exposure in their private homes.

An excerpt from Dr. Stephen Kirsch’s letter to the PUC:

“When I offer my concerns regarding the use of Smart Meters in the State of Maine it is not out of fear of new technology. As I rely on new technology on a daily basis. It is out of concern of new technology without a proven safety record. This concern is intensified by a lack of proffered plans by CMP to monitor the health and safety of these devices once installed…We in America hold our personal liberties dear. One such liberty is to create a personal living space that is safe, healthy and free from potentially dangerous exposures.”

Read the full text here; it’s our latest featured letter to the Public Utilities Commission.

More Health Concerns Over Smart Meters — Read Former State Employee’s Letter to PUC

Despite increasing reports of smart meter-related symptoms, CMP continues to dismiss health concerns and refuses to let customers permanently opt-out.

We’d like to know which CMP employee is qualified to diagnose arthritis over the phone…

Read our latest featured letter, from a retired state employee who says her smart meter triggered joint pain that went away after her old analog meter came back.

CMP Continues to Dismiss Customer Concerns, Instead Hires Expensive Experts to Insist Opt-outs Would Cost Too Much

Watch WCSH coverage of the Maine PUC proceeding.

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