This website, a production of the Smart Meter Safety Coalition, seeks to inform and educate residents about Central Maine Power’s smart meter program, which comprises involuntary installation of a wireless network of meters, routers and nodes that emit non-ionizing radio wave frequency — currently under investigation by the World Health Organization as a possible carcinogen.

President Obama’s Cancer Panel last year urged caution with, and recommended limited exposure to, this same wireless technology. CMP’s plan makes that impossible.

This technology has also been shown to put people’s security and privacy at risk, and  to interfere with critical care equipment such as pacemakers, and wireless pumps for insulin and pain medication.

Safer technology exists to achieve the same results; other states and their utilities have used hard-wired cables and two-way transmitters to achieve the same result.


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  1. Hi. If you do any e-mailings, event announcements, info, could you please put me on your list?

  2. We have opted-out completely. It would be helpful if you could add a section where people could post that they ahve opted-out – names, (allowing for “anonymous”), but with towns indicated, so that people would know what their neighbors are doing. Thank you for your work convincing Maine PUC to offer the opt-out.

  3. I should add that opting-out will require financial sacrifices, but we believe it is money well spent to, among other factors, keep real people employed in real jobs.

    • It costs more to have a smart meter anyway. My bills went up by 8-10.00 dollars immediately, if I’d known, I would have opted out.

  4. Isn’t there any shielding (wrapping the meter in lead?) that you can install to block out the wireless signals from your meter?

  5. Forcing people to comply or do things against their will by the use of financial means is EXTORTION !!!. Forcing people to pay more in order to keep their old meter is extortion. I will not comply and i will blast the smart meter off the side of my house with a shotgun if they try to install one.

  6. Hi,

    Do you know of any smart meter coalitions in the state of Texas that I could contact about opting out? I fear it’s only a matter of time before Texas-New Mexico Power will be at our house to replace our analog with the new smart meter. There was a news article that our town is one of the first on the Gulf Coast to get them. I have contacted TNMP to ask that they not remove ours but I haven’t heard back and everything that I’ve found online in my research points to Texas residents not having the legal right to opt out. I have a 6 year old son with autism and I’m concerned about the impact on him, as well as we live in a 50 year old house with old wiring and some older houses in our area have actually had fires started at the meter.

    Thank you!

  7. I have a question…. does turning off the radio transmitting feature of the new smart meter eliminate the health concerns associated with them? Or are there other health concerns that stem from other features and functions of the smart devices?

  8. I have a smart meter, since August, and my monthly bills are 8-10.00 higher than previously. I stopped using AC at the end of July and hadn’t turned on the heat since then. CMP told me to get an energy audit. Nothing has changed here except for the new smart meter.

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