SMS Coalition

The Smart Meter Safety Coalition seeks to inform and educate residents about Central Maine Power’s smart meter program, which comprises the involuntary installation of a wireless network of meters, routers and nodes that emit non-ionizing radio wave frequency — currently under investigation by the World Health Organization as a possible carcinogen.

Elisa Boxer-Cook

The Smart Meter Safety Coalition was spearheaded by Elisa Boxer-Cook, an environmental health advocate, educator, Emmy-award winning journalist, and recognized leader in the effort to protect the health and safety of children and their families.

Her research into dangerous chemicals encountered in everyday consumer products has made Boxer-Cook a valuable resource. Boxer-Cook has testified before state legislative committees on seven issues relating to safer chemical policy, including bills to help schools adopt green cleaning practices, banning a class of particularly toxic flame retardants in favor of safer alternatives and fighting for stricter pesticide notification laws.

Boxer-Cook was recognized with the Natural Resources Council of Maine’s Environmental Award for helping to pass the Kids Safe Products Act, an ongoing law to phase out toxic chemicals from children’s products in Maine, and for which she testified at several hearings at which chemical companies tried unsuccessfully to overturn the law. In presenting the award, NRCM Executive Director Brownie Carson said of Boxer-Cook, “She is setting an example for people everywhere.”

Boxer-Cook has been invited to join several environmental health-related boards and committees, including the Physicians for Social Responsibility Maine Chapter. She is on their newly formed Toxics Advisory Committee, whose goal is raising awareness among pediatricians and pediatric nurses about the links between chemicals and children’s health.

In August 2010, Boxer-Cook testified before Maine’s Department of Environmental Protection in support of a bill that would ban bisphenol A (BPA), a compound found in certain plastics, in children’s products.

Boxer-Cook is also frequently asked to speak at conferences and on panels about environmental health and safer-chemical policy and toxics reform.

In November 2010, Boxer-Cook was named a finalist in Health Child Healthy World’s national Mom on a Mission campaign.

Contact Elisa Boxer-Cook at 207-885-5556 or


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  1. Fabulous!!

  2. Hi, Christa,

    Thanks for your email.
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  3. Thanks for you efforts. Hopefully the PUC doesn’t let the people of maine down like they did with the Fairpoint takeover

  4. This family has been concerned about the safety of these devices on medical electronic devices. My wife Ruth has a DBS (deep brain stimulator) to address the tremors caused by Parkinsons. We have run into problems with security devices in stores, libraries, airport, etc. The danger to the person with this electronic implant is serious and can cause death. I do not want this smart meter attached to our house because of the danger involved. What do we do, thanks.

  5. I noticed that Smart Meter was doing overcharge then analogy device. Do I should to repeat in old fashion way and doing save my money. They put it up without my permission. What Can I do about it? Thank you.

  6. Thank you for all your dedication on this topic. I read that installation is slated to begin in Raymond in June. Having exercised the opt out option I called CMP to check and make sure my account reflected that. I was told that I would receive a packet in the mail soon and have to fill out a card to let CMP know I still wanted to opt out. I find this rather odd and would think they would want to know if I changed my mind and wanted the Smart meter. Kind of makes me think of those tricky voting answers…if you want to answer no you actually have to check yes!

    I just wanted to let people who did opt out to make sure they read the pack and send in the card if they still want to opt out. Also I was told Ithe $40 initial fee and $12.00 monthly fee would begin in October. I asked when the installation in Raymond was to be completed as I should not pay until the installation is complete. The representative I spoke with could not give me a date for completion. If I am billed prior to that I will call again. Keep your eyes open for that as well.


  7. Please feel free to use any photos or links on our website. We’re in Illinois. We are working to stop the Smart Meters before they are rolled out in Naperville, where we have our own utility. 57,000 Smart Meters. Our city is installing Elster (brand) Rex2 meters on homes and Elster A3 (Alpha) Commercial meters on non-residential customers. They are installing Tropos and Elster Gatekeepers to communicate with Smart Meters and the utility.

  8. I’m wodering how do we protect ourselves I live in a mobil home park and the smart meters are all around me. even though Ihave a analog meter I’m still experincing. sleepless nights and major headaches,I live in maine

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