What CMP Isn’t Telling You About Wireless Smart Meters

Developed by the Smart Meter Safety Coalition
in consultation with engineer Mikel Miller, Ph.D.

CMP and its “independent experts” claim that the human body emits more radiofrequency (RF) than a wireless smart meter does. The truth is, the human body does not emit any RF. None. RF covers a high-frequency band used for radio communications. Humans are not radio transmitters.

The natural, low-frequency field emitted by humans is vastly different than the manmade, high-frequency field that compose RF. Smart meters and associated equipment operate at frequencies of 2.4GHz and 5.8GHz, which fall into the radiofrequency (RF) range.

The human field (~7Hz) comes nowhere near that range. This is a misleading statement put out by CMP to minimize and downplay legitimate health concerns. Incidentally, CMP’s “independent experts” are from Exponent, the science-for-hire firm that has represented the tobacco and asbestos industries in cancer cases. A simple Google search for “Exponent” and “hired gun” will tell you all you need to know.

CMP claims wireless smart meters only transmit about 45 seconds per day. The natural tendency is to interpret that as “on for 45 seconds, then off for the rest of the day.” However, smart meters transmit in intense bursts for a fraction of a second at a time. Smart meters closer to a collector can transmit up to 15,400 times per day. Imagine being in a dark room and quickly switching a light on and off, on and off 15,400 times per day.  It’s jarring to the body.

Using the total accumulated time (45 seconds, for example) is misleading, because in reality the quick, intense bursts for a fraction of a second throughout the day and night, do not allow the body time to adjust. Turning a smart meter on for 45 seconds per day, leaving it on, then turning it off for the rest of the day is much different than turning it on and off 15,400 times per day and accumulating that same 45 seconds.

CMP claims it could lose its federal funding from the Department of Energy (DOE) if people opt-out. The Smart Meter Safety Coalition had an in-person conversation with two people at the DOE —the Acting Under-Secretary for Energy and her senior advisor. Both told us they don’t want anyone to feel forced into having a smart meter, and that their intent was never to make the grant money contingent on mandating a device that could cause people to feel unsafe in their home. They both brought up the smart meter backlash in California, and how they wanted to prevent that from happening elsewhere. They both said they want to work with states and utilities to solve any problems that are creating these divides. During one of our PUC technical conferences, CMP was asked in a data request to provide any proof that the DOE would pull funding if people opted out. CMP provided no such proof.

CMP claims wireless smart meters are no different than other wireless devices, like Wi-Fi. While both are high-frequency 2.4GHz, the peak bursts of a smart meter are at least 10 times the strength of a typical wireless router. The biggest difference, however, is this: your Wi-Fi is not transmitting to, collecting from, repeating and piggybacking off of all other Wi-Fi units in your neighborhood. Wireless smart meter transmissions, by design, create a web of back-and-forth signals that blanket an area. While you may receive ambient radiation from your neighbor’s Wi-Fi, it is not designed to transmit throughout the neighborhood. Your neighbor’s smart meter, however, is designed to transmit to, and receive signals from, every other meter in the area. This web constitutes the mesh network that differentiates smart meters from other wireless devices. It’s this mesh network that concerns us.

We respect your right to choose a wireless smart meter just as much as we respect your right to refuse one. And since it’s your health and safety, we believe you should have all the accurate information you need to make that choice.

—Smart Meter Safety Coalition in consultation with engineer Mikel Miller, Ph.D.


4 Responses

  1. They came to our house when I was not home and installed it without any notice of it happening!! The man doing it also said there were NO options, we had NO choice!! Can we get it removed?!

  2. NO MEANS NO. Fight back. Your government has turned on you.
    Barry Trower is one of the expert witnesses in an Oregon trial that is about to prove that the health and safety laws of the land are being ignored and that these frequencies are illegal and lethal.
    Long story short, the frequencies cook you from the core out by using electrical induction to depolarize brain waves and nerves and muscles which are indispensably necessary for any biological body human or wild, biological, insect, pollinators, bats, birds, bees, butterflies, deer, everything, to continue to function. Thus the frequency pulses have an effect which begins as headaches, nausea, anxiety, pain, heart palpitations, heart attacks, non stop insomnia, a feeling of slow onset of madness, memory loss. All of these symptoms are the response to being slowly cooked by a frequency induced thermal heat easily seen by thermography in skilled hands. This effect is brought on by these frequencies switching your nerves on and off 11.2 billion times a second, which rather quickly brings on electrical failure of the intricate 7.85 hertz (.5 asleep) system that is a human being. Same goes for all biological creatures.
    According to all international EMF safety codes these devices are illegal because they precipitate electrical induction which is against the law. They also cause cognitive impairment so if you don’t shield yourself and stop the transmission of the meter asap with a total heavy duty foil wrap and if you allow exposure to continue, in no time your brain will malfunction and due to cognitive impairment you will not even any longer understand what is happening to you. Shield yourself and wrap the meter in foil. It won’t save the bees or the food crops unless you disable every meter and aggregator, but it might just save you.
    Barry Trower is the man who designed these exact same frequencies as weapons of mass destruction for use by the military. He is shocked that they have been illegally turned on the populace. A smart meter enables the application of this frequency weapon. The smart grid creates an all encompassing system which targets the populace with weapons grade frequencies which can be remotely controlled, re-programmed, upgraded, and can have the number, type and intensity of frequencies remotely multiplied and altered for any purpose.
    What is it going to take for people to come out of denial, realize they actually have rights, and to fight back and defend themselves and their families from a rogue government.
    How much potentially irreversible harm are so many people seemingly willing to suffer before they rise up? Before they are willing to admit to themselves what is happening here?

  3. the installer told me that an extra $40.00 would be added to my bill if I said “no” to the meter…Is this true or B. S ??

  4. Depends if you mean y$40 more added to your utility bill …. or added to your medical bill. If the latter, that would be a bargain but is unlikely to be that low, a serious underestimate of the cost you will pay for often permanently lost health.
    If you meant the former, your utility bill, then any fee would be a case of the utility be double dipping you since they already keep the salaries for the meter readers they fired.
    And any fee will be far less than the tripled and more smart meter generated fees for dissipated electricity lost along the transmission lines but billed to you, plus penalty fees for not buying radiating appliances to talk to your meter about your personal habits. And then there are the fees for paying the mark up retail cost of the smart meter.
    This is a taxation device that kicks you and your wallet to the curb. Fees on fees, once the smart meter is in place. Oh – and don’t forget to factor in the high risk installed on live electrical load so remember to add up the uninsured fire factor, 8000 fires to date.
    Also with a smart meter you are given the opportunity for constant surveillance of your whole life by means of a graph which estimates which currents means you are using which item, & then there is their option to apply appliance restriction, remote shut off of up to 30 separate appliances you only thought you owned, in fact shut off of whatever they deem needs shutting off, plus the altered, and multiplied frequencies whenever they want to intensify them, and then there is the real bonus, you pay them WAY more in monthly fees in order for them to collect every minute of and then sell YOUR personal private data to 3rd parties for trillions of private profit corporate dollars. What a deal. It’s a steal!

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