Prominent M.D. Links Patient’s Hospitalization to Smart Meter Installation, Urges Opt-Outs

CMP continues to dismiss health concerns, so growing numbers of doctors are asking the Public Utilities Commission to intervene and protect their patients from forced wireless exposure in their private homes.

An excerpt from Dr. Stephen Kirsch’s letter to the PUC:

“When I offer my concerns regarding the use of Smart Meters in the State of Maine it is not out of fear of new technology. As I rely on new technology on a daily basis. It is out of concern of new technology without a proven safety record. This concern is intensified by a lack of proffered plans by CMP to monitor the health and safety of these devices once installed…We in America hold our personal liberties dear. One such liberty is to create a personal living space that is safe, healthy and free from potentially dangerous exposures.”

Read the full text here; it’s our latest featured letter to the Public Utilities Commission.


One Response

  1. The way CMP is pushing tese meters tells me they have a lot to gain (financialy) than we the users do. The P.U.C. ha failed in its mission to protect utility consumers in Maine greed and health risks with out a costly out of pocket commitment. Sounds like goverment by the buisness for the same to me. Nt the way I remember the constitution reading.

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