Setting the Record Straight about CMP’s ‘Hired Scientists’ (The Forecaster)

The Forecaster reports on Central Maine Power’s response to a formal complaint filed with the Maine Public Utilities Commission (November 18, 2010, “CMP Asks State Panel to Dismiss Complaints about ‘Smart’ Meters”).

In the article, Elisa Boxer-Cook, the environmental health advocate who filed the complaint along with 11 other Scarborough residents, refutes CMP’s claim, that according to experts it consulted, “There is no scientific basis to conclude that adverse health effects would occur.”

An excerpt:

“Local doctors who have nothing to gain financially are coming out asking for the project to be slowed down,” Boxer-Cook said Thursday, “while CMP’s hired scientists from out of state are saying smart meters are healthy and dismissing our concerns.”

Boxer-Cook said the majority of the data CMP’s expert testimony cites comes from Exponent, a California engineering company that has come under fire from critics for delivering results that companies want to hear, including providing tobacco companies with testimony that second-hand smoke does not cause cancer.

“All of the health testimony has come from this firm that has a reputation for minimizing health risks,” Boxer-Cook said.

The article also noted that Sanford has joined the towns of Scarborough and Cape Elizabeth in passing resolutions calling for smart meter installations to halt while more information is gathered, and that the South Portland City Council plans to discuss the issue.

Read the Forecaster article in its entirety.


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  1. A million thanks for posting this inorafmtion.

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