WCSH: Outcry over Installation of Smart Meters Growing Louder

Cape Elizabeth has become the second Maine town to pass a resolution calling for CMP to halt installation of smart meters while more information can be gathered.

“It was brought up to us by a few citizens who were very concerned about the health issues,” says Cape Elizabeth town councilor Sara Lennon in a segment that aired Nov. 16 on WCSH. “The resolution we passed was simply asking CMP to please pause before they continue putting meters in our community so they could listen to some of the people and their concerns.”

Elisa Boxer-Cook, who was also interviewed for the piece, says it should be up to CMP’s customers to decide if they want smart meters installed on their homes.

“I don’t believe that you should force someone to be exposed to radio frequency radiation that is currently under global investigation as a possible carcinogen and that a lot of people have sensitivities to in the short-term.”

Read the text of the WCSH segment.


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