If you don’t want CMP to install a smart meter, tell them so!

Smart Meters – Forced Exposure to Strong Bursts of Wireless Radiofrequency Radiation

  • If you don’t want a smart meter installed, tell them so!
  • Be as specific as you like about your reasons:
  • You don’t want forced exposure to any new sources of radiofrequency radiation
  • You don’t want potential fire hazards
  • You don’t want potential interference with other wireless devices, including medical equipment
  • You don’t want the privacy/security risks

Central Maine Power:
Click “contact us” at bottom of page

Portland Press Herald
Go to the “Opinion/letters to the editor” tab

Some key facts:

  • Smart meters are radiation-emitting devices that have never been tested for health or safety.
  • Smart meters are part of a mesh network — a web of signals. Each home’s meter transmits back and forth, to and from all other meters in the area, exposing us to radiofrequency waves while compiling data; the data gets transmitted to repeaters and extenders and base stations, all of which emit radiofrequency radiation that is currently under international investigation as a possible carcinogen.
  • No agency has mandated these meters be wireless. Safer technology exists (and is in use elsewhere) to hard-wire the meters, thereby eliminating health, safety and security risks.
  • The President’s Cancer Panel last year identified wireless radiation as a possible carcinogen. The panel urged more research and, in the meantime, urged people to limit their wireless exposure. CMP’s forced installation makes that impossible.
  • FCC standards only cover acute exposure, protecting from death by electrocution. These standards were set in 1985 for microwave ovens. There are no safety standards for non-thermal (non-heating of tissue) health effects — and it’s the non-thermal health effects we’re concerned about with the smart meter networks.
  • People have reported everything from dizziness to nausea to heart palpitations to insomnia in areas where smart meters and related wireless equipment have been installed.
  • Hundreds of studies link wireless radiofrequency radiation to a host of health issues including DNA breaks, memory loss and various forms of cancer.
  • Other states and municipalities have rejected or halted smart meter installation due not only to health concerns, but also to problems with overbilling, privacy/security, electronic interference and electrical fires.
  • Other states offer, or are considering offering, opt-out waivers for people who choose not to expose their families to these layered bursts of radiation. CMP is offering us no choice at this point.

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